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The following table lists the Dynatron products that were produced between 1930 and 1939:

Date Model name Model number


1930 Ether Lord  

1931 Ambassador 32
Universal 31
Ether King  
Ether Prince  
1932 Universal Five Receiver U53  
Universal Three Receiver U31
1933 Ether Emperor E1012
Ether King EK46
Ether Prince EP46
Ether Lord EL42U / EL42AC
Commodore U42
Ambassador 32AC / 32DC

Kindly donated by Maureen and David Ward from Maidenhead

1934 Ether Emperor    
Ether Lord EL42U  
1935 Ether King K106M / K106T
Ether Knight NA52 / NU52

Ether Emperor E1712  
1936 All Wave Toreador T63
All Wave Radio-gramophone E136
Ether King K116
Ether Prince P86
Ether Knight N63
Ether Challenger C63
Matador M63B / M63W
All Wave Matador MA83  
Dictator D83  
1937 Victor V64
Valkyrie V84
Viking V73
Vulcan V93
Ether Knight N73
Ether Prince P117
Ether King K147
Ether Empress E167

1938 Ether Empress E1715W / E1715M / E1715O / E1715V

Albatross B88
Ether Knight K88
Ether Prince K128
Condor B128
1939 Ether Empress E17150 / E1715V / E1815W / E1815V

Kindly donated by Colin and Rita Harper from Sawbridgeworth

Ether Emperor E3515
Ether Prince K148
Ether Knight K108
Ether Duke K88D  
Condor B148
Albatross B108  
Eagle B88C  
  Falcon TV23