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The following table lists the Dynatron products that were produced between 1950 and 1959:

Date Model name Model number Image
1950 Ether Conqueror K129RD / K129QD
Merlin B129D / B129RD / B129QD
Ether Sovereign K349MD / K349QD

Ether Princess P84
Ether Consort P314
1952 Ether Conqueror "Regency" K1512RE / K1512QE
Queen Anne    
Merlin B1512E  
Princess (series II) P94  
1954 Merlin R1712ME  
Queen Anne K1712QA  
Carlton K1712C  
Chippendale K1712CH / K1712CH-LS  
Ether Princess P108
Ether Prince P98
1956 Queen Anne RG12
Berkeley RG11
Windsor RG10

Ether Minstrel RV12
1959 Edinburgh RG14
  Albany RG15SA / RG15ST
  Berkeley RG16SA / RG16ST

  Queen Anne RG13