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Keates-Hacker Co. Ltd. was formed in October 1937 by the Hacker Brothers and Keates & Co. Its aim was to produce "the finest possible set regardless of cost, and embodying a standard of quality never before attempted".

A variety of high quality cabinets were available, as can be seen in the following images:

A luxurious hand carved weathered oak cabinet.


Designed for H. H. Prince Otto von Bismarck, this Keates-Hacker radiogram had a stylish rose and blue mirrored glass cabinet.



A Keates-Hacker with separate speaker cabinet.


The record changers allowed up to 20 records of mixed sizes to be played.



An elaborate Charles II reproduction cabinet.


A Chinese lacquer Keates-Hacker cabinet.

If you own a Keates-Hacker radio we would love to hear from you. Our e-mail address is: info@dynatronmuseum.org.uk